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ROUGHNESS is all the irregularities of a surface due to the various methods or procedures used to form a part. The SURFACE STATE of a part will depend on the functional aspect of the surface: friction –  slip –  imperviousness –  strength –  lifespan –  etc.

  • Micro roughness  
  • Roughness
  • Undulation
  • Form deviations

Within the GROUPE RECOMATIC, we refer to the various ISO standards for measuring, quantifying and assessing the Quality of the TERMINATION AND FINISHING of SURFACES that we treat for our customers. We have a contact-free 3D measuring system of the Alicona type, for measuring surface form and roughness. We apply the following standards according to those adopted by our customers :


  • ISO 4287/1997

This standard specifies the terms, definitions and parameters for determining the state of surface roughness, undulation and primary profiles

  • ISO 4288/1996

This standard specifies the rules and procedures for comparing measured values of the surface state parameters defined in ISO 4287 and ISO 13565-2 with tolerance limits


  • ISO 25178-2/2012

This standard specifies the terms, dimensions and parameters applicable to the determination of the surface state using surface methods.

  • ISO 13565-2/1996

This standard established the assessment procedure for determining the parameters issuing from the linear representation of the bearing length ratio curve.

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